Sick of auto-tunes and rhymes as simple as nursery rhymes? Then you’ve finally found some rap music! Listen to the GTM EP where B-Reft throws line after line of rhyme and rhythm.

If you don’t like most of the modern-age auto-tune fart-faces who spit rhymes as simple as nursery rhymes; Or, if you’re feeling depressed or having girl problems then you might find this album very interesting.

I am thankful to those who believed in my and stood by me during this new adventure of making and publishing a music album. At the same time, I am totally unthankful to everyone who treated me like an alien just because I rap!

Though making words rhyme and writing good songs are quite easy to do if you have the right level of talent and desire, I must say that recording music and putting it out for the public is a relatively difficult task.

The “system” makes it very difficult for artists to produce art.


One can barely find time or energy to work on art after doing a full-time job. I wrote most of this album while commuting and I had to literally run back home from work every night to have sufficient time to finish the album.

But on a positive note Kacey and I put in a tonne of hard work to create this music and I sincerely wish that you like it. Peace!

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