New music video for “Sweet Dream Recipe” is out now! Read about what inspired me to make this video and why I have been away from music.

For most of the songs that I write, I get flashes of video when I close my eyes. I really liked the flashes of video that I got for Sweet Dream Recipe, so I decided to make a video for it.

The original script was much more complex and involved more people. However, I couldn’t find enough volunteers to participate in the video. Thus, I chose to make it with 2 kids that live in my neighborhood – they are very talented and cooperative and I thank them for having participated in my musical adventure.

While making this video, I realized that I really like to make videos in general. I feel very happy when I’m preparing the script, planning the scenes, recording them and the editing the footage. I would like to make some more videos in the future, probably with more complex story lines.

For now, you can find the Sweet Dream Recipe Video on YouTube. In case you like it, then please leave a comment and share it with your friends – that will be of great help.

Break from Music

The last couple of years were not so good for music; they were for other things. But now that things are all fine, it’s time for some changes. Started working on some fresh material – totally new in every way. I’ve even started recording a new song and music video, but I’m taking it slow this time.

I am also trying to move to an English-speaking country so that I can promote my music and have better career opportunities.

I don’t think I’d move to the United States of America because it’s quite saturated and it is very difficult for immigrants to enter their soil. I’m thinking about moving to Canada but I’m not sure to which city.

Also, I was taking a break from music to fix a problem that I have in my right shoulder and my back. Doctors have not yet been able to identify the problem correctly, but the pain is quite sharp and it makes me not want to do anything ? But I think that I’ll be back in shape soon and I’ll be making new songs in a few years.

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