Long pending legal work for Geek Turned Monsta is finally complete! New music video Don’t Tell Me What now available.

It’s been almost a year since work started on the Geek Turned Monsta EP. Its long pending copyright work is now over!  With this, I’d like to present to you the song Don't Tell Me What.

Actually, I had conceived this song in my sleep – I heard it in my dream, woke up and then I hummed it into my cell phone. The next morning, Kacey and I started working on it to change it into reality! For those who liked the Don’t Tell Me What video, please share it with your friends and leave me some likes and comments on YouTube – it will be very helpful.

I made the Don't Tell Me What music video myself! It took around 8 months and I had to learn a bunch of software to make this work. However, given that this is my first animated video, I am really happy with the output and I hope you like it.

The Geek Turned Monsta EP is coming soon! I think I’ll put it on the Internet within a few months.

Listen now