Yoyo! I am Jerry Radwick! I started making music back in 2007 (as B-Reft). I love rap music because it allows me to express myself. Feel free to listen to and download my music. And remember to share my music if you like it!

Sometimes, short intros are not enough. Read on if you’d like to know more.


Though I spent my childhood with an above-average happiness level, I lost my way during my teenage. Long story short, when I reached the age of 20, I realized that I wasn’t living life the right way and I felt like I was lost in a dark forest of solitude 😣. Having realized that life can be fun if lived the right way, I decided to make several changes.

Around this time, I was introduced to rap music while watching professional wrestling: Limp Bizkit, ICP, Kid Rock and more.

One of the things I like about rap music is it’s simplicity: There’s a beat over which one express oneself with rhyming sentences.

I started rhyming and writing verses and with time, I decided to record an EP called Geek Turned Monsta EP 😅. And I also produced a cool animated music video Don’t Tell Me What.

In 2010, I had to put music aside and jump into a job to support my family. Fortunately, things worked out for me as a software engineer. However, I couldn’t be at peace without making music. Often, I couldn’t fall asleep because I had a strong urge to write a song.

I have conceived many songs in my sleep. I often hear melodies in my dreams which I feel like bringing to life.

As it happens with many artists, I have the hunger to improve my craft. One of my lifetime goals is to make at least 3 internationally famous tracks and get my own wikipedia page. So, here I am, making more music.


Back in 2007 when I started making music, I wanted to name myself Bereft. However, there was a rock band by that name, so I chose B-Reft. I recorded around 10-12 songs under that artist name. Then I had to take a pause from music and when I came back to music in 2020, I felt like a different person. It took me months to decide, but I finally chose to change my name to Jerry Radwick – a name I had always liked.

You can read more about this in Enter Jerry Radwick; Exit B-Reft.

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