Enter Jerry Radwick; Exit B-Reft

Jul 3, 2020
Over the last 8 years, I’ve changed a lot and so has my music. Thus, I’ve changed my name to Jerry Radwick. Also, I’ll be publishing a song about Covid-19 soon.
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Sweet Dream Recipe: Music Video Available Now

Mar 4, 2014
New music video for “Sweet Dream Recipe” is out now! Read about what inspired me to make the video and why I have been away from music.
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Geek Turned Monsta EP: Available Now

Mar 14, 2011
Sick of auto-tunes and rhymes as simple as nursery rhymes? Download and listen to the GTM EP which is available now!
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Don’t Tell Me What: B-Reft’s First Single

May 18, 2010
Long pending legal work for Geek Turned Monsta is finally complete! New music video Don’t Tell Me What now available.
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Introducing Kacey Bridges: Young Producer, Song-writer and Performer

Sep 18, 2009
Say hello to the Kacey Bridges – the man behind all most of B-Reft’s beats who started making music when he was 17 years old.
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Geek Turned Monsta EP: Coming Soon

Apr 8, 2009
Work started on B-Reft's first EP – recording is in progress and estimated to be released in 2009. EP would contain 8 tracks and would be produced by Kacey Bridges.
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