Work has started on B-Reft's first EP. Recording is in progress and is estimated to be released in 2009.

Life manages to kick everyone’s *ss and if you’re an artist, it assumes that you were fitted with a protective covering back there and shows no mercy.

Put you sunglasses on ‘cause I’m ready to shine,
Bet it now, be it later, but I’m sure I’ll get mine...

I had never thought that I’ll be making songs and sh*t, but I think it’s time to record a bunch of them.

Given the revised infrastructure, here at Monstamouth Entertainment (my home studio), I can finally record an EP with around 7-8 tracks by the end of 2009. I wanted to call it The Upcoming but it sounds a bit too serious. But then, I heard someone use the expression “Geek Turned Gangstas” while talking about the Grand Theft Auto franchise. This gave me the idea for something funny like Geek Turned Monsta.

The release shall include some old tracks written in 2008 and some new tracks conceived in 2009. It has been tested on a few guinea pigs and rats – it seems that it’s ready to be tried on human subjects. The results show critical increase in heart-beats and excitement levels of the test subjects. The work has officially started in Feb 2009 and is scheduled to be available by the end of 2009. So, stay tuned!

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