Cover art for the song "Invisible Death Covid-19" by Jerry Radwick
Produced by
Jerry Radwick

This single was inspired by the hardships of dealing with the Covid-19 crisis, i.e. people dying everywhere, the lockdown, social-distancing, and the associated sadness, boredom and frustration.

A music video for Invisible Death Covid-19.

The last time I recorded a song was back in 2014, so I was thinking about making something new. One night at around 11:30 pm, when I was half-asleep, I heard a song in my dream in the voice of Chris Martin. I woke up at once and recorded the vaguely audible words into my phone.

The next day, I continued building on that melody and I wrote the original chorus:

On the moon I’ve set my feet, my rovers roam on Mars.

Seen beyond what eyes can see in my voyage through the stars.

The pestilence, I’ve endured. Now, this I must survive.

And what breaks, I’ll recreate, like I’ve done it several times.

I love to sing! I’m like a radio at home, singing non-stop. However, I don’t sing well enough to be able to record a song and impress somebody with my vocal abilities. That’s one more reason why I make rap music. However, I built around the melody, made a beat, wrote the verses and recorded them.

My style of delivery is loud and aggressive. Probably because I recorded my first EP using a dynamic microphone.

However, due to restrictions in my apartment, I had to control my voice to a great extent, but the output still sounded good. When time came to mix the vocals with the beat, I realized the need for an alternate chorus, i.e. we will survive. However, the “dream version” of the song didn’t sound aweful, so I kept it as an alternate version for my listeners.

This is the 2nd beat that I’ve produced in my life and it’s the first song that I’ve ever mixed/mastered. I’ve realized that I need to do some more homework to improve my production skills and learn the science behind it. Alternatively, I can hire a producer.

So, this is how this song came into life! I hope you enjoy the song.

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