Performed by
Jerry Radwick
Produced by
Jerry Radwick

This song was inspired by the hardships of dealing with the Covid-19 crisis, i.e. people dying everywhere, the lockdown, social-distancing, and the associated sadness, boredom and frustration.

This version of the song features the melody that I heard in my dream.

One night at around 11:30 pm, when I was half-asleep, I heard a song my dream in the voice of Chris Martin. I woke up at once and recorded the vaguely audible words into my phone. That recording eventually turned into this song. There is another version of this song that features a different hook that says, “we will survive”.

Read the Invisible Death Covid-19 (Single) page to know how this song was made.


Verse 1

I was told to self-isolate. Yeah, start right away.
Get food, toilet paper, sanitizer and Lysol spray.
There’s virus on the loose, that’s taking people’s lives away
And a lockdown’s about to take their f****** nine-to-fives away!
Winter’s over... But we still might have to hibernate,
And it’s hard to be home alone, if you’ve got no wife or kids.
F***! The sun is out, and I’m still worried and wide awake.
Every cough or sneeze sounds as deadly as a live grenade!
I’ve ordered masks, but the shipment status ain’t clear.
Saving on fast shipping was a bad idea!
Should I be sad my neighbor is sick, or be glad it ain’t me?
If God is watching, why won’t he press Command and Z? (yeah)
Is this is a f****** war? Or just a calamity?
Or maybe good old Thanos must’ve snapped his fingers.
Ain’t no time for a blame game that I have to agree,
I wish I had The Infinity Stones to undo this tragedy.

Chorus 1

On a dark December dawn
My sword and shield were down.
Invisible death, lo behold! 
Embellished with its crown.
In a moon hundreds died
Thousands by the fourth.
Not a mind, nor fist could fight
No weapon ever forged.

Verse 2

It sounds like a movie, this disease isn’t real (s***)
But a friend who got it says that it ain’t easy to deal with.
We burnt the lungs of nature, now she’s flippin’ the killswitch.
Humanity's on life support, I hope that it heals quick.
Out on empty streets; I am Legend like Will Smith.
The weather or the virus something’s making me feel sick.
I cough twice. Now I’m the center of attention,
And I’m lucky no one called the cops to get me detention.
So I get “home safe home”! Disinfect head to toe.
Hands get more alcohol than the mouth as you know.
Am I depressed or so bored, that the clock ticks in slow-mo,
And there ain’t no good show, to watch on Netflix no more.
    I’m growing roots the next time I hit the couch to rest.
Guess we’re spending twenty-twenty under house arrest.
And thank the medics, here’s your chanson de geste
For losing sleep, working hard, preventing countless deaths.

Chorus 2

No matter what age or faith,
No matter color or race.
Dust they are to dust return
I hope they’re now at peace.
Woman and man suffer and die
Thus, I say my prayer.
The thief of breath lurks outside
Death is in the air.

Verse 3

It’s been months in quarantine, I ain’t even keeping count.
Life has no warranties, can’t let myself weaken now.
Need a real Monday; Had too many weekends now
But the problem’s growing faster than the savings in my bank account!
Sometimes I wonder, “when will this problem end?”
I ain’t dumb enough to try Hydroxychloroquine.
I wanna wrestle with waves that try to steal my sandals
Sipping beer on a beach, but I can’t! My vacation’s cancelled!
As governments play their little hide and seek
The only news that we get is truth and lies well-mixed.
Otherwise a stitch in time coulda saved nine indeed
Unlike the episode of Black Mirror you and I have lived.
As I breath like Wim Hof and let my mind be free,
I wish you health and hope the dead lie in peace.
As curves flatten we’ll move on with the lives we lead
Let’s not forget the lessons learnt for as long as time will be!

Chorus 3

On the moon, I’ve set my feet
My rovers roam on Mars.
Seen beyond what eyes can see
In my voyage through the stars.
The pestilence, I’ve endured
Now this I must survive.
And what breaks I’ll recreate
Like I’ve done it several times.


Yoyo, this is Radwick.
B-Reft, rest in peace.
Everybody that lost someone,
I’m sorry for your loss.

[In Spanish] Mis hermanos en Sudamérica, cuídense.
[In Portuguese] Meus irmãos no brasil, sejam fortes.
Kolkata, India, stay safe.
I hope this nightmare is over soon.

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Invisible Death Covid-19

A song that talks about the changes, struggles and hardships brought about by the Covid-19 outbreak.