Performed by
Produced by
Kacey Bridges


I told you it was comin'.
All the players in the game who were born lucky...
Say hello to this abomination.
Now twitter this...

Yes, I am so amazed they had me trapped in this cage
In these shackles and chains that had actually made me
Believe I was used to gettin’ slapped in the face
And get stamped till the day I had this rap shit to save my
Broken a**. As I gaze at this path that I paved,
I pin plans to my brain but still I stand in a daze. Yes
I have what it takes, I just can’t let the faintest
Of chances of failure to catch up and waste me.
Flash back to the page of HIStory, Chapter: “The day
When they trash Michael Jackson albums flat on his face”; what
An act of disgrace to have tagged him with babies
Though the court had put a red strap on his case?
Who spat on his fame? Acid bathin’ his name?
Based on some baseless news flashes and claims?
Fab life isn’t fast cars and platinum chains
There’s tears behind every single clap in our praise.
Go back to the base, get strapped, fill your waist
And guess what? If you’re whack, I just crapped on your face! See
The wrath and the rage of the mass of this ape
See my flag through the haze, blanket-wrapped when you're blazed. As
I tramp through the mazes of facts you would hate me,
At least a few of you would say: “This rapper is crazy!”
No matter what race/religious faction they place me
I stand for the average chic and chap to embrace me.
Paid, laid, made, then I was slayed...
Raised from the grave ta... Chase what I crave;
Done marry the game, my mistress carry the fame
Haters can hate, I can't let 'em take her away!
Make a hole in my chest and put a pike inside it
Pry my heart out, stab it with a knife and slice it
Set it on fire, so I won't desire or like shit
But I'll survive to strike back with rhymes and drive
All eyes on me...

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