Produced by
Kacey Bridges

If ever a person who couldn’t speak was to grab a mic and start expressing his years of silence, then his case would be somewhat like B-Reft’s. Born 1987, B-Reft’s music is about rhyming power twained with original ideas to express absurd humorous facts mixed with fiction, throwing light on how the world looks like from his eyes. With tracks themed around college life, bullying, heart-breaks and recoveries, his songs touch numerous hearts here and there.

I am thankful to those who believed in me and stood by me during this adventure of publishing a music album. At the same time, I am totally unthankful to everyone who treated me like an alien just because I rap!

Though making words rhyme and writing good songs are quite easy to do if you have the right level of talent and desire, I must say that recording music and putting it out for the public is a relatively difficult task.

The “system” makes it very difficult for artists to produce art.


One can barely find time or energy to work on art after doing a full-time job. I wrote most of this album while commuting and I had to literally run back home from work every night to have sufficient time to finish the album.

But on a positive note Kacey and I put in a tonne of hard work to create this music and I sincerely wish that you like it. To get a taste of the album, check out this music video for the song Don't Tell Me What.

Music video for Don't Tell Me What.

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